Yamaha RX-S600

Yamaha has just announced their new slim receiver, the RX-S600. Marantz has been ahead of the curve lately with their slim line receivers like the Marantz NR 1403. One of the biggest complaints that many people have about AV receivers is their size. The new RX-S600 at a mere 4 3/8″  high hopes to eliminate that objection.

This compact 5 channel receiver is rated at about 60 watts per channel at 6 ohms with 2 channels driven, which isn’t bad considering it’s size. It also has many of the features that we’ve come to expect in an AV receiver. It  Handles all of the major HD audio formats such as DTS HD and Dolby TrueHD. The Yamaha RX-S600 also allows for 4K pass through and also offers support for 3D content and Audio Return Channel. Spec wise the RX-S600 appears to be as feature rich as some of its larger brethren.

Being as diminutive as it is, you’d expect to have to make some compromises. The connectivity options present in the RX-S600 aren’t as robust when compared to larger AV receivers, which isn’t a surprise. Even so, you still get 5 HDMI inputs, 2 digital inputs, 4 analog audio and 2 component inputs. All in all the Yamaha RX-S600 appears to be a nice little package. Stay tuned as we hope to get our hands on a review copy soon so we can see if Yamaha made any other compromises.

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