Yamaha revealed their new MusicCast platform towards the end of summer with the promise of unveiling more products by years end that support the new system. The Yamaha WX-030 is Yamaha’s first stand-alone MusicCast speaker to be announced.

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For those of you not aware, MusicCast is basically Yamaha’s answer to Sonos. In a nutshell, MusicCast is designed to allow you to wirelessly stream music to multiple devices which reside on your WiFi network. Yamaha is integrating MusicCast in many of their devices including sound bars, speaker, and AV receivers. MusicCast is also compatible with many streaming music services such as Pandora, Spotify, Rhapsody, and SiriusXM. The entire MusicCast ecosystem is designed to work together. For instance, if you have a MusicCast compatible AV receiver, you can stream audio from any device connected to the receiver to the Yamaha WX-030 speaker.

Yamaha WX-030 Speaker


The Yamaha WX-030 is also bluetooth compatible and, if you prefer a wired connection, it includes an ethernet port. You can control the speaker with a free app that’s available on iTunes and on the Google Play store.


The WX-030 features a two-way design with a passive radiator to help with bass response. According to Yamaha it’s capable of producing “Clear, Room Filling Sound”. The Yamaha WX-030 can handle most compressed audio files and is one of the few (if not the only) wireless speaker on the market which can also handle hi-res audio up to 24bit/192kHz.


Other features of the Yamaha WX-030 include its ability to “re-stream” bluetooth content from a device to other speakers or components on the network. The speaker also includes onboard DSP to help improve the sound quality of compressed audio files.


The Yamaha WX-030 is one of the first MusicCast devices from Yamaha to be announced with more expected to be unveiled by the end of this year. The WX-030 is currently available in white and black and has an MSRP of $249.


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