The Yamaha RX-A850 is the middle child of Yamaha’s  Aventage roster of receivers. As with all the amps in Aventage line-up, the 850 has a heavily braced and fortified aluminum chassis which functions to reduce sound vibrations that may taint sound quality.


The 7.2 Channel RX-A850 is rated at about 100 watts per channel which is more than enough power to push a decent set of speakers in a small or medium size room. WiFi and Bluetooth are both baked-in. Bluetooth isn’t a format known for its audio fidelity, however this year Yamaha’s compressed music enhancer can be used to improve the sound quality of audio broadcast via Bluetooth. For network streaming the Yamaha RX-A850 supports SiriusXM, Pandora, Spotify, and Rhapsody as well as Yamaha’s very own MusicCast multi-room audio system.


Yamaha RX-A850 Preview
Music lovers who prefer audiophile grade tunes can run DSD , AIFF, FLAC, WAV  and Apple Lossless files thru the amp. Phono inputs were starting to disappear on AV amps, but with vinyl’s resurgence we’re starting to see phono inputs return from the grave. That being said, the RX-A850 includes a phono input for anyone who still likes to listen to the little vinyl discs.


Input wise, the Yamaha 850 comes with an impressive array. A bushel full of analog inputs are present on the backside of the 850 as well as a few components and digitals. Eight HDMI inputs are present and accounted for including seven on the rear and one on the front. Dual HDMI zone outputs are also provided by the 850. 4K Ultra HD video is finally on the verge of taking off. Luckily the Yamaha RX-A850 is HDCP 2.2 compliant and supports HDR video, although a firmware update is required to enable this feature.  4K content is scarce at the moment however,  the 850 is capable of upscaling video up to 4K so you can enjoy your 1080p blu-rays at near 4K levels.


One of the big things in home theater this year is the advent of Dolby’s newest audio format Atmos. Atmos is an object based format that creates 3D like audio via the use of additional ceiling speakers or specially designed Dolby Atmos speaker modules.  The Yamaha RX-A850 out of the box can decode Atmos tracks.


The Yamaha Aventage RX-A850 is available on retail shelves now.

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