Aventage CX-5000 / Aventage MX-5000

Yamaha has just announced their first flagship preamp/amp combo…the Aventage CX-A5000 and Aventage MX-A5000.  The 11.2 Channel CX-A5000 pre-amplifier will feature dual high performance ESS Technology SABRE32™ Ultra DACs which offer up to 124dB dynamic range and have an extremely low distortion and noise level. The Yamaha Aventage CX-A5000 also has an extremely rigid chassis that should reduce the effects of vibrations. Among other unique design features, it incorporates a double bottom chassis and rigid bottom frame which reduces the amount of vibrations caused by the internal power supply and other electrical components.

The CX-A5000 also uses the Cinema DSP HD3 sound engine to produce an all encompassing sound field that gives height and width to the sound stage and gives you a 3 dimensional experience. In addition, the CX-A5000 also offers 33 DSP programs.


Yamaha Aventage MX-A5000

The Aventage MX-A5000 amplifier is capable of pushing about 150 watts per channel (8 ohms, 20 Hz-20 kHz, 0.06% THD, 2 ch driven). The MX-A5000 also has a custom made large-size toroidal transformer and gold plated speaker terminals for optimum sound transmission. Like the Aventage CX-A5000, the MX also has a specially designed re-enforced chassis to help reduce vibrations.

Both the Aventage CX-A5000 and the Aventage MX-A5000 are expected to go on sale in August. The suggested MSRP is $2,999 each.

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Yamaha Aventage CX-5000 /MX-5000






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