Wires represent one of the biggest obstacles for any home theater. These slender coils are one of the key components of nearly every home theater setup, however their unsightly appearance can easily clutter-up the tidiest speaker arrangements. To add insult to injury, the need for your speakers to be tethered to an amp often limits potential speaker placement options. DTS’s Play-Fi 5.1 surround feature looks to alleviate this. Play-Fi will wirelessly transmit audio to compatible speakers thereby eliminating the need for messy wires.


Definitive Technology and Polk Audio, which are subsidiaries of Sound United, will be among the first speaker brands to adopt Play-Fi’s new wireless surround technology.


On the Polk side, the SB1 Plus sound bar will be their first speaker integrated with the new system. The Plus will be able to sync with the S2, S2R, and S6 wireless speakers in Polk’s Omni line. For Definitive, the W Studio Micro sound bar will be their first speaker equipped to handle Play-Fi’s new surround system. Initially the Studio Micro will be able to interface with Definitive’s W7 and W9 wireless speakers. With the update, wireless speakers from both brands will be able to act as front mains and surround speakers in a 5 channel arrangement.


DTS is expected to push out the Play-Fi firmware update October 25. Respective apps from Polk and Definitive Technology can be used to update speakers in your system.

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