Review: UE Megaboom = Mega Sound
UE’s Megaboom is an excellent patio or poolside companion. When compared to the original Boom, the Mega beats it terms of sound quality, durability and battery longevity. The Megaboom proves that sometimes bigger is better.

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Ease of Use8.5
Sound Quality9
The Good
  • The UE Megaboom has a great battery life, it's waterproof and sounds better than most Bluetooth speakers on the market.
The Bad
  • The Megaboom's "tap to play" audio controls can be frustrating.
9Overall Score

The UE Megaboom is the king of the hill in the Ultimate Ears Bluetooth speaker line. You can call it the big brother of the original UE Boom. It’s bigger and has better sound quality than its little brother. It also carries a higher price tag, but with the Mega, you get a better sounding and more durable speaker.

UE Megaboom Review

The Megaboom currently comes in about 4 color variations; black, electric blue, red, and purple although it’s not unusual for UE to release special edition colors every once in a while. It stands about 9-inches tall with a girth of about 3-inches. Weighing about 1.9 lbs, it’s light enough to grab and go.


The UE Megaboom is wrapped in a tight-woven fabric weave with rubber surrounds. The front of the Mega has oversized plus and minus signs which serve as the volume controls. If you press both buttons simultaneously the UE Megaboom will tell you how much charge the speaker has remaining. The top of the speaker has power and Bluetooth connect buttons.

UE Megaboom Top
One thing you’ll notice almost immediately is that there are no play or pause buttons on the speaker. To play a track you simply pick-up the speaker and tap the top of it once. Tap it again to pause. Two taps and the speaker skips to the next track. This is a neat feature when it works, but when it doesn’t, it can be a little frustrating.

UE Megaboom Bottom

Flip the Megaboom over and you’ll see a D-ring insert is screwed into the bottom. With the ring, you can easily attach a hook or lanyard to the Boom for hanging. If you unscrew the D-ring you’ll see a threaded tripod mount that allows you to attach the Megaboom to a tripod. On either side of the mount are two rubber flaps. One flap conceals a 3.5 mm input that you can use to make a wired connection to your music device. The other flap covers up the USB charge port. This port is recessed quite a bit. The USB cable that comes with the Megaboom is precisely shaped to fit perfectly inside the port. In fact, if you lose the USB cable that comes with the UE Megaboom, you’ll have a hell of a time finding another cable that will fit. The moral of the story – don’t lose the USB cable.

UE Megaboom Ports


UE Megaboom – Singing in the Rain

The original Boom was water resistant, the Megaboom kicks it up a notch by being waterproof. The newer, bigger Boom has an  IPX7 rating which means you can dunk it in 3 feet of water for up to 30 minutes. So if you accidentally drop it in the pool the speaker should survive. I tested this a few times and the speaker emerged unscathed. Unlike the UE Wonderboom, the Mega doesn’t float so if you drop it in the pool, you’ll have some swimming to do.


Solid Bluetooth and Battery

The UE Megaboom has an impressive battery life. UE states that you can get about twenty hours on single charge. During regular use, I was able to get a little over twenty which is very impressive. This will vary depending on how loud you play your music. When I really cranked the volume I got considerably less play time.


According to UE, the Megaboom has a maximum Bluetooth range of 100 ft. which is pretty accurate if you’re in an open space with straight line-of-site to the speaker. Inside a house, you can expect to see that number drop a bit. In my case, I was able to still get a reasonably strong signal from my basement family room up to the second floor with only an occasional signal drop.


UE App

You can control the Megaboom with your smartphone once you download the free app. The app gives you the ability to remotely turn the Boom on/off. So if you’re struck with a moment of laziness you can easily turn the speaker off without leaving the comfort of your cozy chair.  One of the more powerful features is the ability to pair two Megabooms together in a left/right stereo configuration.  This can come in especially useful for parties and outdoor events.

UE Megaboom App

You can also adjust the equalization of the speaker via the app. The app has several presets built-in that you can choose from or you can customize the sound settings to your liking. So if you want to pump up the bass, you can. Or if you want to really punch up the treble you can do that too.


UE Megaboom = Mega Sound

The Mega is a good indoor speaker, but I think it excels as an outdoor speaker. The first thing I did when we got our test sample was I took it outside to see how the Mega performed. UE claims that the Megaboom has 360 degrees of sound. By all accounts, this is pretty accurate. Walking around the Boom, the sound radiated in nearly every direction.


During testing, I listened to a variety of music on the UE Megaboom. From Jazz and Hip Hop to Classic Rock and Classical, the Mega handled them all equally well. The Knife’s “Silent Shout” has deep subsonic bass. Pulling up this track, I knew it was too much for the little Megaboom to handle, but I needed to test its limits. Suffice it to say I was surprised by the speaker’s performance. While it didn’t hit those ultra-deep low notes, it managed to pump out just enough bass.


Vocals sound clear and crisp from the UE Megaboom. Small speakers can sometimes sound boxy and recessed. The sound from the Megaboom is big and full. Treble is handled much better by the Megaboom than it was on the Boom. I did note that when I nearly maxed out the volume, the Mega reached its breaking point with some high notes sounding a little harsh. A quick fix for this was to open up the app and dial back the treble.



The UE Megaboom is better than the original Boom in pretty much every way. In terms of audio quality, features and durability it beats it across the board. It is pricier than its smaller sibling, but that’s the price you pay for good sound quality.


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