The TiVo Mega is a couch potatoes dream machine. This behemoth comes loaded with a 24 terabyte storage capacity. So what does that translate to? Basically this means you can record up to 4,000 hours of HD channels and 26,000 hours of SD.


The TiVo Mega comes rack mountable and has removable hard drives. On top of it’s massive storage capacity, the Mega also has 6 built-in tuners so you can record multiple shows at once. It also has the ability to stream recorded shows to smartphones or tablets.


Additional features of the Mega include it’s handy search feature that can seek out content across your cable network, VOD services and streaming apps such as Netflix. It also has multi-room capability and incorporates ethernet and MoCA (Multimedia over Coax Alliance) connections.


The Mega, which is expected to be available the first part of 2015, won’t come cheap. All signs are pointing to it costing around $5,000 at launch. So all you couch potatoes out there may want to start saving up now.


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