Remember this day. Because this could be the day that Alexa became self-aware. AC Worldwide, a start-up company in England, has just initiated a Kickstarter campaign for their new T-800 Terminator Bluetooth smart speaker.

Terminator Bluetooth Speaker


The speaker is modeled after the skull of the iconic T-800 cyborg hunter that was popularized by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Terminator movies. The polished alloy speaker measures about 18-inches tall. According to AC Worldwide, the speaker relies on a tweeter/subwoofer combo to produce clear highs and deep powerful lows. The speaker is powered by Amazon’s voice activated personal assistant Alexa. This means you can not only get the latest news and weather but also give this T-800 speaker control over your smart home devices such as thermostats, door locks, and alarms.


Just like the menacing robots from the movies, the speaker has glowing red eyes. The left eye houses a high definition camera with a built-in motion sensor so that Skynet Alexa can keep track of your whereabouts.


For a little fun, the gadget has a special camera filter that replicates the T-800’s head-up display.  In addition to Bluetooth, the speaker has built-in WiFi as well as an auxiliary input for wired connections.


To entice you to bring the T-800 into your home Skynet AC Worldwide is offering the speaker at an early bird special price of $316 on Kickstarter. After that, the price goes up accordingly with the company even offering a one of a kind White Gold plated model for nearly $10,000. If AC Worldwide reaches their goal of raising $177,328, the first of the killing machines is expected to begin shipping in February of 2018. More information about the project can be found on their official Kickstarter page.

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