Pioneer VSX-830-k Review

Pioneer VSX-830 Review

Externally, the Pioneer 830 looks nearly identical to last year's 824. If not for the VSX-830 stamped on the front of the receiver you'd be hard pressed to tell them apart. The 830 has a brushed aluminum fr... Read More...
Buy 4K HD

4K-UHD Video on a Thumb Drive?

Mance Media is one of the first to offer 4K-Ultra HD video on a thumb drive (that we know of). Starting at $24.99 you can browse their catalog of 4K Movies and TV Shows and have them shipped directly to you on a thumb drive. I will be the first to... Read More...
LG OLED Paper Thin Display

LG Shows Off Paper Thin OLED TV

It's always been a dream of mine to wallpaper my living room with TV screens. Well.... not really, but who wouldn't right? Well, if LG's proof of concept OLED display is to be believed, this dream of mine may c... Read More...