Amazon Echo 2nd Generation

Amazon Announces a Slew of New Echo Devices

Amazon was one of the first manufacturers to show the potential of smart home technology. When they launched the Echo it became a surprise hit. However, since its launch, competition has heated up with companie... Read More...
JBL Flip 4 Review

JBL Flip 4 Review

The JBL Flip 4 is the latest entry in JBL's growing line of Bluetooth enabled speakers. At one point, Sonos was the dominating force in wireless speakers. However, a few manufacturers have been vying for that top spot and JBL has positioned itself as a serious... Read More...
LG PJ9 Bluetooth Speaker

LG To Release a Levitating Speaker

Audio and video makers are constantly trying to wow consumers. Levitating speakers are the latest effort by manufacturers to corral the attention of a finicky public. It may seem gimmicky, but there's a growing... Read More...
Yamaha RX-030 Review

Yamaha WX-030 Wireless Speaker Review

Sonos has dominated the multi-room audio scene for several years. In fact, they've become the measuring stick that all other wireless and multi-room speakers are measured against. For the most part, attempts by... Read More...