The Good: The SVS Prime Towers are impressively balanced speakers. They’re one of the few speakers that do everything well. Their smooth and accurate bass response makes them great for music and movies.



The Bad: The Prime Towers could benefit with just a tad more bass extension. Rear ports mean you need to keep these away from your wall several inches.


Summary: The Prime Towers represent the total package in speakers. They’re affordable with an accurate balanced sound quality that few speakers on the market can match in this price range.

SVS Prime Towers Review

Let’s face it, it’s not easy being an audiophile as top tier audio equipment can cost a small fortune. Not too long ago we posted our review of the SVS Prime Series 7.1 Channel system. This system is one of the few we’ve listened to which boasted a beautiful balance between sound quality and affordability. The show runners in the series are the Prime Towers. As such, we felt it was fitting to review the Towers from the rest of the system to see how they sounded on their own.


SVS Prime Tower Review

Design and Appearance

The Towers that we had for review featured an immaculate piano gloss black finish. If you’ve read our review of the Prime Series 7.1 Channel system (and if you haven’t, you should stop reading right now and go over and take a peek) you’ll know how impressed we were with their overall appearance. The piano gloss finished towers will run you about $599 each. However, the towers are also available in black oak for about $499 each.


The SVS Prime Towers measure 36″ (H) X 8″ (W) X 10.8″ (D) and weigh a healthy 40 lbs. The Towers use a 3.5 way design with a 1″ aluminum dome tweeter, a 4.5″ mid-range driver and dual 6.5″ woofers. Each woofer is enclosed in it’s own separate compartment and has different crossover points. In order to reduce sonic coloration from standing waves, the mid-range driver is also housed in it’s own sealed enclosure. Based on the specs of the Prime Towers, it’s easy to see that some of the tech from SVS’s Ultra series has trickled down into the Prime’s.


SVS Prime Towers Performance

For music playback, the Towers are extremely well balanced.They have a nice low-end, smooth mid-range and good treble response. We threw a variety of music at the Towers including Alternative, Pop, Hip-Hop, Jazz and Classical and each time we came away impressed. Kanye West’s “Love Lockdown” has a deep bass track running throughout the background. The average speaker has trouble producing these low frequencies. However, the Towers produced deep precise bass which was never muffled or distorted. Vocals on Ivy and Gold’s “Headlights” track were crisp without being harsh or fatiguing.


Beethoven’s Egmont Overture Opus 84 and Moonlight Sonata displayed the versatility of the Towers. The Egmont Overture is a powerful and exciting piece of music that has a wide gamut of melodies. The Prime Towers sounded open and airy providing a concert like experience for both pieces.


For movie playback, the Prime Towers were equally impressive. The Towers are rated with a frequency response of 30 Hz-25 kHz. According to our listening tests we wouldn’t be surprised if they dip a little lower than 30 Hz. The Prime Towers have a surprising amount of bass extension for their size. There are a few speakers in this price range that have better bass response, however, most don’t sound as balanced. The Towers’ display an effortless smooth transition along all frequencies that’s unparalleled in this price range. The movie, Guardians of the Galaxy, has an eclectic sound mix with it’s combination of 70’s tunes and intense actions sequences making for a lively listening experience. Dialogue was clear and precise, while the mid-range was incredibly smooth and balanced. Since the Towers are rear ported, we recommend that you keep them several inches away from your walls in order to limit distortion. This isn’t a major issue, but it’s something you should keep in mind when you’re placing them in your room nonetheless.


Edge of Tomorrow’s opening intro has a low frequency sweep that probably dips down into the 20Hz range (possibly lower). On most speakers this is barely audible without the assistance of a subwoofer, however the Towers did an admirable job of broadcasting these low frequency tones. They did demonstrate slight distortion at the very bottom, but overall we came away impressed.



The SVS Prime Towers have that rare combination of good sound quality and affordability. Great treble response, smooth mid-range and deep accurate bass makes them a great choice for both movies and music. There are other towers available that provide more bass, but few can match the accuracy and overall balance of the Prime Towers.

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