SVS has just announced their biggest baddest subwoofers ever. Their new 16-Ultra line is comprised of two massive subwoofers. The sealed SB16-Ultra subwoofer and the ported PB16-Ultra subwoofer feature an impressive 16-inch driver partnered with an 8-inch edge-wound voice coil which SVS claims is the largest ever deployed in a consumer sub. The massive drivers are concealed by a metal mesh grille


The 16-inch fiberglass composite cones are designed to be rigid and lightweight. These two characteristics combined should provide bass that is both powerful and articulate. To corral the massive innards, the body of both the SB16 and the PB16 consists of double thick MDF with reinforced internal bracing. This heavy frame serves to eliminate any coloration or resonance from the cabinet.


As far as power output, both subs are powered by 1500 watts of continuous juice with 5,000+ watts peak. Each subwoofer uses a fully discrete MOSFET output from a Class D sledge amplifier to provide superior power handling and tighter control according to SVS. To fully utilize the 16-Ultra series power, both subs employ 50-MHz digital signal processor (DSP) with 56-bit filtering.


With the above combination of features both subs are heavy hitters in the low frequency department. The SB16 dips as low as 16Hz and the PB16 can hit low frequencies down to 13Hz.


SVS has also created an app for Android and iOS devices that allows you to control the subs DSP functions and create custom presets. Parameters such as polarity, room gain, phase alignment, and parametric EQ can all be controlled via the app. SVS also provides a traditional IR remote with feedback provided by a front panel display on each subwoofer.


As you’ve probably gathered, these aren’t “budget” subwoofers. The SB16 Ultra will cost about $2,000, while the PB16 Ultra costs $2,500. Both subs will be available in either black oak or piano gloss finishes when they begin shipping November 1. More info can be found on

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