Update: We recently posted reviews for the following receivers:
Sony STR-DN1050
Sony STR-DN850 
Sony STR-DH550

Sony’s av receivers from 2013 are going to be a tough act to follow. Last year’s models sounded great and came bundled with a fantastic set of features. This year’s entries include the Sony STR-DH550, STR-DH750, STR-DN850 and the STR-DN1050.


The big brother in the series, the Sony STR-DN1050 ($600), is rated at 165 watts per channel and includes a strong anti-vibration rigid chassis. A feature that may be popular for some is the 2 zone support of the 1050. Most AV receivers only offer second zone support via an analog connection. However, the Sony 1050 offers second zone support via HDMI. Like many mid-range receivers on the market, the Sony STR-DN1050 also supports 4K passthrough and upscaling.


Both the Sony STR-DN850 ($500) and 1050 will sport an updated user interface. The slick interface that was present on last years STR-DN1040 will be incorporated into both of these new receivers for 2014. Last but not least, both receivers will also feature built-in Bluetooth, WiFi and AirPlay. The receivers aren’t the only things receiving an update this year. The remote controls will also receive a much needed update. Gone is the overly complicated button layout of last years models. Instead the remotes will feature a minimal simplified button layout that will hopefully make operating the receivers less complicated.

Sony Simplified Remote


The Sony STR-DH750 ($349) is rated at 145 watts per channel and offers Bluetooth support. It also includes 4K and 3D passthrough. The Sony STR-DH550 ($280) is also rated at 145 watts per channel. It doesn’t have the connectivity features of it’s pricier siblings. However, it’s a valid option for someone who doesn’t need extensive wireless or connectivity options.

Sony STR-DH750


Sony’s new line-up for 2014 is shaping up to be pretty strong and we hope to get our hands on a few of these new models to review in the near future.

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