Sonos has just announced another addition to their wireless arsenal, the Sonos Boost. The Boost attaches directly to your router and promises to extend your WiFi network by 50%. The goal of this is to allow users to enjoy interruption free wireless music via Sonos’ network of speakers.


Most home wireless networks are overtaxed by a crushing number of wireless devices. As a result, home networks can sometimes be unreliable. The Boost dodges this problem by setting up it’s own independent network thanks to it’s three built-in antennae. The Boost neutralizes interference from other wireless devices on the network. It’s able to broadcast it’s wireless signal 360 degrees through walls, ceilings and other obstacles enabling users to enjoy reliable sound via other Sonos products such as the Play:1 and Sonos Playbar.


Users requiring an even wider range can add more boost units to their network. The Sonos Boost is available from Amazon and other various retailers at a suggested MSRP of $99.


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