Blue Note records has produced some of the most memorable Jazz albums of our times from Miles Davis to John Coltrane. To celebrate their 75 years of Jazz history they’ve collaborated with Sonos to produce a limited edition Blue Note Sonos Play:1 speaker. When we say limited…we mean limited. Sonos has stated that they’re only producing 4,100 of these suckers so expect them to go fast.

Blue Note Sonos Play:1 Limited Edition

The Blue Note Sonos Play:1 is clad in a bold blue color that transitions from navy blue to cerulean blue. Getting the blue gradations just right required tons of effort and ingenuity on the part of Sonos. The outer case required delicate hand painting techniques and specially programmed robots to achieve the subtle color effect. Anyone purchasing the Blue Note Play:1 will have access to the Blue Note radio station which will be built into the Sonos app main menu. A year access to an Artist Selects channel within the Blue Note station is also available exclusively for buyers of the special edition Play:1. This channel features music handpicked by Jazz Greats.


Considering the limited production run you’d expect the Blue Note Play:1 to cost an arm and a leg. However, as it turns out, Sonos is charging a mere $250 which is only $50 more than the regular Play:1. With its diminutive production run, this little speaker won’t last long on the market. It’s expected to be available within the next few weeks exclusively on Sonos’ website. Anyone hoping to grab one, should sign-up to get alerts from Sonos when it is available.

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