When Showtime first announced that it’s stand-alone service would be available on Apple devices on July 12, it was assumed that Apple had once again snagged an exclusive deal with another premium cable heavyweight.


However, Showtime has recently announced that their service will also be available on Roku and Sony’s Playstation Vue when it launches in July. The service, which doesn’t require a cable subscription, will give users access to Showtime’s current movie selection as well as their back catalog for a monthly price of $10.99. This is a little cheaper than HBO’s stand-alone service which runs about $15 per month.


Roku users will be able to enjoy a free 30 day trial. In addition, the service will also be available via Sony’s Playstation Vue Cloud Service. A subscription for Vue won’t be required to access the Showtime App.


The launch of the new service happens to coincide with the debut of two of Showtime’s more popular shows “Masters of Sex” and “Ray Donovan”. With Sony Playstation’s 35 million users and Roku’s 7 million active users, Showtime’s hoping that they will be able to expand their service to a wider audience.

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