Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Speed (NV-680) Review

The Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away is a great vacuum. It's simple to use and flexible enough to use on dirty carpets and hardwood floors. It may seem pricey, but if you're looking for a vacuum that's powerful and versatile, look no further than the Shark Rotator.

Ease of Use9
The Good
  • The Shark comes with six different attachments each designed to provide easy maneuverability and deep cleaning. The vacuum is surprisingly powerful and works well on both carpet and hardwoods.
The Bad
  • If you have pets with a lot of hair, the roller on the bottom will need maintenance more often as the hair will wrap around the brushes. Finer particles such as sand or flour may need a couple extra passes.
9.4Overall Score

Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Speed ReviewThe Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Speed is billed as the ultimate multi-purpose vacuum cleaner. After spending some time with the vac most of the claims hold-up. The Shark is easy to maneuver, powerful, and incredibly versatile making it serious competition for the big boys such as Dyson and Oreck.


The Shark has 3 primary modes; there’s the Upright Mode: best used for carpets and hardwood floors, Lift-Away Mode: best used for stairs and higher up, hard to reach places, and, Canister Mode: for those who like the upright but want a caddy to hold the canister. Since the caddy has wheels, you can use it as a rolling canister vac. However, the canister is so lightweight I found myself just scooping it up and carrying it with me.  I used the Upright and Lift-Away Modes with no trouble and it’s not as heavy as a regular upright as it does not have a bag to capture dirt, but a Dust cup to hold it.


Putting the Shark Rotator together is a painless process. If you peruse the manual, you’ll see that it’s a 5-step process that will only take you a matter of minutes. All of the parts slide effortlessly together and fit tightly. Once whole, the unit feels solid and stable.


How To Use

The motorized floor nozzle will be the go to for your carpets and hardwood floors, while the Dust Away Cleaner Head picks up extra dust from your hardwood floors with a cleaning pad. Swapping out the cleaning heads is as simple as detaching the wand from the motorized nozzle and re-attaching it to the Dust Away Pro head. Slide the canister off of the motorized nozzle and connect it the Dust Away Pro nozzle and you’re ready to tackle your hardwoods. The entire transformation only takes a minute or two.


You can control how aggressively the Shark attacks the grime on your carpet and hardwoods with the suction control button on the handle. Another button allows you select either a carpet surface or hardwood surface.


The Shark comes with six attachments:

  • Duster Crevice
  • Pet Multi-Tool
  • Pet Power Brush
  • Dust Away Pro Cleaner Head
  • Motorized Floor Nozzle
  • Canister Caddy


I used each of the attachments with exception of the canister caddy.  All the other attachments worked great as I have a long haired cat.  The pet multi-tool has its own attachment to use on upholstery as well.


Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Speed Performance

I used the Shark Rotator on four different surfaces to test how well its claim of deep cleaning worked.  First I used it on an area rug, then hardwood, press and seal carpet, and then a tile floor.  To say I was shocked at how much dirt was in the rugs and carpets, is an understatement.  But what I was really impressed with was how the Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Speed picked up clumps of cat hair without me having to get them myself after vacuuming (which is what I normally had to do).  The Shark has a pivot head which also helps to reach places easier than a regular upright. Lifting off the canister allows you to rotate the handle of the Shark and really get under places normal vacuums can’t reach such as chairs and tables. It runs quieter than most vacuums and it leaves area rugs and carpets looking great.


The Shark Rotator makes quick work of larger clumps of pet hair, however finer strands seem to be more difficult for the motorized nozzle to gobble-up and sometimes require multiple passes. The Dust Away Pro nozzle fares much better on the finer bits of pet hair than the motorized head. The vac made quick work of crumbs and common spills.  For everyday clean-ups,  the included cleaning pad worked extremely well and left the floors dust-free and shiny.


With finer messes such as flour, the Shark Rotator Lift-Away Speed managed to easily devour the majority of the particles. On a single pass it succeeded in removing about 90% to 95% of the debris. A second pass left the floors flour free. The Shark didn’t perform perfectly on the test, but overall it performed better than expected.


Cleaning the Shark is easy as well.  It’s suggested to wash the filters every three months.  Emptying the Dust cup is easy as there are bottom and top latches to make sure you completely empty the cup.


Is It Worth Buying?

The versatility of the Shark Lift-Away Speed makes it a fantastic multi-purpose vacuum. Vacuuming tight nooks and crannies are a cinch and its ability to tackle both hardwoods and carpets make it the perfect tool for busy households. It does a good job tackling pet hair. Finer particles such as flour, sand or dirt may take a couple passes to pick-up, however the vac’s overall performance and versatility far out weigh this one negative. If you’re in the market for a new vacuum, the Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Speed is a solid investment.

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