At this year’s IFA show, Sennheiser pulled back the curtain on a handful of new headphone models. All told, they announced four new models in the HD 500 line and two new series called the HD 2 and HD 4.


The HD 2 and HD 4 series of headphones are designed to be more mobile friendly than those of the HD 500 line. The HD 4 is comprised of three models; the HD 4.20s, HD 4.30i, and HD 4.30G.  All three models have an over ear, closed back design which Sennheiser claims offers a “bass-driven sound”. A flat cable is common among all three models. The HD 4.20s has a single button remote, while the 4.30i and 4.30G also have volume controls for Android and iOS.


The HD 2 series is more affordable than the HD 4 and is comprised  of four models; the HD 2.10, HD 2.20s, HD 2.30i and HD 2.30G. All models utilize an on-ear design with the HD 2.10 being the most basic model of the group. The step-up model, the 2.20s, has a single button remote and an in-line mic. The 2.30i and 2.30G also include volume controls for Android and iOS. The HD 2 headphones are designed to be lightweight and comfortable which makes them ideally suited for busy lifestyles.


Sennheiser’s popular HD 500 line now has four new members. The HD 559, HD 579, and HD 599 all have an open back design and are said to have a more expansive sound stage. The HD 569 is the only one of the bunch that has a closed back design if you prefer a little more privacy. The 559 and 569 are said to offer a balance between price and performance while the 579 and 599 are pricier, but are said to have better sound quality.


All of the above models are expected to be available for purchase this September. More information can be found on Sennheiser’s web site.

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