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The New York start-up Boxee was just acquired by one of the world’s largest TV manufacturers, Samsung. Boxee has gained recognition in recent for it’s intuitive little box that can record broadcasts and stream online video. The deal which is rumored to have cost nearly 30 million dollars reflects a need by Samsung to make the user interfaces on their smart TV lines more intuitive. Also, with the much rumored Apple TV around the corner, Samsung most likely was beginning to feel pressure to improve the overall user experience of their customers.

A spokeswomen for the Korean based company stated that “Samsung has acquired key talent and assets from Boxee. This will help us continue to improve the overall user experience across our connected devices.” The team at Boxee has had tremendous success in creating intuitive and easy to use interfaces for the end user. This is something that most TV manufacturers, including Samsung, have struggled with over the past few years. Apple on the other hand has a well deserved reputation for creating on screen displays and interfaces that engage people immediately. The merging of Samsung’s hardware know-how and Boxee’s expertise at making end user interfaces appears to be a match made in heaven. Also, by leveraging Boxee’s experience with streaming media content Samsung should be well prepared for if, and when the Apple TV hits the market.

However, not everything in this deal was coming up roses.  Boxee had started a beta cloud DVR service that, as of July 10,  is discontinued. On the surface this sounds terrible however, it wouldn’t be surprising if Samsung integrates Boxee’s cloud DVR service into future TV sets. Only time will tell.

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