The Good: The Yamaha RX V675 sounds great and has tons of preset sound processing modes which are fun to play around with. Also has a wide variety of internet radio stations to choose from.


The Bad: The lack of WiFi or bluetooth will be a negative for some especially since some of Yamaha’s competitors offers these features.


Summary: The Yamaha RX V673 was easily one of the best sounding mid-range AV receivers of 2012. That being said, this years Yamaha RX V675 has a lot to live up to. Thankfully, it does. The Yamaha 675 comes packed with features and sounds great however, it’s lack of WiFi and Bluetooth means it lags behind the competition a little.

Yamaha RX V675 Appearance

The Yamaha RX 675 is nearly identical to last years 673. The outside of the 675 is a big rectangular box. The front has most of the controls you’d expect to find including; tonal controls, tuner, input select and presets controls. Like most, you’ll probably never have a reason to touch these buttons since all of these can either be controlled with the included remote or mobile app. The included remote has your typical cramped button layout. Although the remote isn’t as bad as the Yamaha RX V475’s it’s still overly complicated.


Yamaha RX V675 Connectivity

Yamaha RX V675 Connections

The Yamaha 675 gives you a nice array of connectivity options highlighted by it’s 6 HDMI inputs including one MHL (Mobile High Definition Link) compliant input on the front. For those of you who don’t know, MHL allows you to play HD video and multi-channel audio thru the 675 as long as you have an MHL compatible device connected such as a smartphone or camcorder. Also on the front of the 675 you’ll find a “Made for iPod” port and a USB input which supports FLAC and WAV files up to 24-bit/192kHz. The Yamaha RX V675 also has several analog audio/video connections as well as 1 component and 2 each digital optical and coaxial. The 675, like the Yamaha 673,  gives you a good amount of connection options.


Yamaha RX V675 Video Processing

Let’s start by saying the Yamaha 675 does support 3D video. I’ll continue by saying this is a useless feature since 3D is currently in its death throes. Now that I got that out of the way, another feature that the 675 support’s that isn’t irrelevant, is Ultra HD (4K). The Yamaha RX V675 supports both 4K pass through and upscaling. Ultra HD or (4K) as it was formerly known, offers roughly 4 times the resolution of 1080p. Recently, several Ultra HD TV sets have hit the market and recent price drops from LG and Samsung have made the new technology even more attainable. While not mainstream yet, it’s inevitable that 4K sets will overtake the market. Along with 4K support, the 675 also offers ARC (Audio Return Channel) support.

Network Features

It’s no surprise that the Yamaha RX V675 offers extensive network features. For the most part, these features are the same as last years wonderful Yamaha 673 which we reviewed here. The 675 offers a decent set of internet radio options such as vTuner radio and Napster, although Onkyo’s offerings this year offer a wider selection. AirPlay support is once again available and like last years 673 it works flawlessly. If you haven’t used AirPlay before, it basically allows you to stream media from your apple device or iTunes account directly to the 675. The one feature that would have been to nice to see included is built-in WiFi. Many of the 675’s competitors like the Onkyo 626 this year have begun incorporating WiFi and Bluetooth and it’s unfortunate that Yamaha didn’t do the same.


Yamaha 675 Calibration

Yamaha uses their own calibration system called YPAO (Yamaha Parametric Room Acoustic Optimizer) to adjust and calibrate the speakers settings. Overall, it was very impressive and accurate. As a test, we deliberately connected our left rear speaker out of phase and the YPAO calibration accurately identified that the speaker was indeed out of phase. Yamaha includes about 17 digital sound processing settings. And honestly, it was fun just playing around going thru each of the settings. Some of the settings include Sci-Fi, Concert Halls and Live Venus. Each setting delivers a unique flavor to whatever your choice of listening material is.


Yamaha RX V675 Listening Test

Rated at 105 watts per channel, the Yamaha RX V675 is an agile and great sounding receiver. Of the various digital sound processing modes, we felt the Sci-Fi and Standard modes sounded the best. Without using the processing modes, the Yamaha 675 sounded, just…OK. The sound didn’t quite have the gravitas that we expected. However, switching to Sci-Fi and/or Standard mode, made a world of difference. Sci-Fi mode was a little bass heavy, while Standard mode was a little more balanced. The Yamaha RX V675 like last years 673 is a top notch home theater receiver. While watching The Avengers on blu-ray, the sound moved seamlessly from speaker to speaker creating a detailed yet immersive sound field. Dialogue was also very clear and crisp and the 675 proved itself to be more than capable of producing copious amounts of bass.



The Yamaha 675 is a great sounding receiver. It’s numerous digital sound processing modes sound great and are also entertaining to experiment with. On the negative side, the 675 doesn’t sound as good if you use the direct mode without any type of sound processing. In the end that’s not a big deal unless you’re a purist and you’re completely against using any type of digital sound processing. The Yamaha RX V675 has a good amount of connectivity options which should please most people however, it’s lack of bluetooth or WiFi is disappointing especially since Onkyo and Sony are both offering it on some of their recent models. Despite this, if you’re in the market for a new receiver then the Yamaha 675 should be on your shortlist.



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