Yamaha has really made a name for itself the last few years in the av receiver department. Stiff competition from the likes of Onkyo, Pioneer and Denon has not deterred Yamaha from consistently putting out good av receivers. The Yamaha 473 is a perfect example of this.

Yamaha 473 | Yamaha Rx 473 Front Panel
Yamaha 473 | Yamaha Rx v473 Front Panel

Yamaha 473 Overview

The Yamaha RX v473 advertises that it can output at 115 watts per channel. The 473 uses what Yamaha calls discrete amp circuitry. Often times a receiver’s power output per channel is advertised with one or two channels driven. When all channels are driven simultaneously you usually see a power drop in the amount of power delivered to each channel. For example, if a receiver is advertised at 100 watts per channel with 2 channels driven, then with all 5 channels driven you may see the wattage drop down to 85 watts per channel. With the discrete amp circuity in the Yamaha 473 you’ll see less of a drop in output wattage since each channel has its own discrete amp to drive it. The Yamaha 473 decodes all of the major HD audio formats such as; Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio; Dolby Digital Plus and DTS-HD High Resolution Audio. It also has an Audio Return Channel function which enables data to be sent and received via the same HDMI cable, so you can hear the sound from the TV via a single HDMI cable, with no need for an extra optical cable. Yamaha uses their own sound optimization calibration called YPAO. It operates in a similar fashion to Audyssey room calibration in that the Yamaha 473 sends test tones thru your connected speakers. The 473 then measures your room acoustics with the included microphone. Based on these results it then adjusts your speakers accordingly in order to achieve the best possible sound based on your room’s specific acoustics.


Yamaha RX V473 Connectivity

Yamaha 473 | Yamaha Rx 473
Yamaha 473 | Yamaha Rx v473 Rear

The Yamaha 473 gives you quite a few connectivity options. Although it doesn’t have as many as the Onkyo 515, it’s still enough for most people. It has 4 HDMI inputs and 1 output, 1 USB port, 1 ethernet, 2 digital optical, 2 coaxial, 4 analog audio, 2 component video, 5 composite video, 1 subwoofer preout and 1 headphone out. The yamaha rx v473 allows for 4K pass-through via HDMI for when 4K becomes the resolution standard in a couple of years. With the ethernet connection, you can easily get the 473 on your home network and stream internet radio sources through your receiver. Yamaha also provides an iPhone, iPad and Android app that lets you control many of the functions of the 473. The Yamaha 473 also offers Airplay support which means you can stream music wirelessly from your iPod, iPhone or iPad, however keep in mind the 473 does not have built in WiFi. To use this feature you’ll need a wireless adapter. Yamaha makes one called the YWA-10BL Wireless Adapter which you can purchase.


Customer Satisfaction with the Yamaha 473

The 473 has been a consistent best seller in Amazon’s Audio/Video Receivers & Amplifiers department. It consistently gets high review scores from purchasers on amazon. Below are some of the negatives and positives from purchasers…


Yamaha RX V473 Negatives

There’s not a lot of negatives for this unit. The biggest issue people had with the 473 was the owners manual. As is the case with many manufacturers, the manual is only included on a CD and some have stated that the manual is difficult to read and in some places incorrect. The lack of built in WiFi has also been pointed out on several occasions, however most mid-range receivers don’t have built-in WiFi. Some have also complained that the user interface is a little antiquated looking and the remote can be cumbersome.


Yamaha RX V473 Positives

Where to begin….for starters it has an overall rating of 4.5. 85% of purchasers gave it 4 or 5 stars. Most users praised the sound quality. The iOS and Android app were also a hit.  The YPAO calibration was also given accolades by several reviewers who said it made their sound system sound better than it ever did before. The wide variety of streaming internet radio stations and AirPlay functionality was also a big hit with most people. Overall most people who purchased the Yamaha 473 were extremely pleased with their purchase and would recommend it.



The Yamaha 473 is one of the top mid-range receivers available today. What it lacks in connectivity, it makes up for with loads of features and adequate power output. Most people who’ve purchased the 473 have commented about how intuitive the user interface is and how well the iOS and Android app work. The sound quality has also been a hit with most people and after all that’s the most important thing for any receiver.

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