Let’s face it, we’re all slaves to our smartphones. For instance, when’s the last time you read a map?  How many of you know the phone numbers  of all the people in your contact list?  Years and years ago (and by that I mean about 10 years ago, which isn’t really that long ago, but in this age of technology it might as well be a millennium) there was a time when you had to (GASP!) read a map if you needed directions. Or if you wanted to call your friend Steve, you actually had to remember his phone number. I swear we’re only a few years away from having terminator robots roaming the streets with little apple logos emblazoned on their chests. However, in this day and age our smartphones aren’t trying to kill us (yet) but they have become an essential part of our daily lives. Slowly they’ve been working their way into the world of home theater and this year Pioneer is determined to make the smartphone an integral part of your interactions with their new line of a/v receivers. One of these new models, the Pioneer VSX 1123, has a goal of becoming the centerpiece of your home theater. This year Pioneer has put it’s focus on smartphone compatibility, perhaps more than any other a/v receiver manufacturer. On top of its bevy of other features, the Pioneer 1123 also has plenty of power to push a decent of speakers.

Pioneer VSX 1123

The Pioneer 1123 has plenty of power. It’s rated at 165 Watts (1 kHz 1 % THD @ 6 Ohms 1ch Driven) or 90 Watts (20Hz-20kHz .08% THD at 8 Ohms) These numbers are a little deceiving. Not that Pioneer’s fudging the numbers, but the 165 Watts is with only 1 channel driven at 6 Ohms. Once all 7 channels our driven your actual wattage will be closer to the 90 Watts. Don’t be too disappointed however, unless you have really inefficient power hungry speakers the 90 Watts per channel will still be enough to fill a medium sized room with great sound.


Pioneer 1123 Connectivity

Pioneer usually does a good job of giving you tons connectivity options. The Pioneer 1123 is no exception. It has 8 HDMI inputs and 2 outputs, several analog audio and video inputs, 1 component input, 1 digital optical, 1 digital coaxial and 1 ethernet port. The Pioneer VSX 1123 has a lot connectivity flexibility which is a plus if you have a variety of equipment in your home theater setup. The front HDMI port is MHL 2.0 (Mobile High-Definition Link) compatible. This allows you to connect your compatible android device and display HD video thru the receiver. With MHL 2.0, you can even display 3D content.


The Pioneer VSX 1123 and Your Smartphone

As mentioned above, Pioneer has put a greater emphasis on communicating with Skynet..oops … I mean your smartphone. The Pioneer 1123 includes the latest made for iPhone and iPad certification. The 1123 is also one of the first a/v receivers to include HTC connect. This allows you to stream music from your compatible smartphone without the need to download a separate app. This is a nice features which streamlines the process of streaming media to the a/v recevier. The Pioneer VSX 1123 can also decode a variety of audio formats including; MP3, WMA,  AAC, FLAC, WAV, AIFF, Apple Lossless and DSD (SACD). Your smartphone can also double as a remote control for the 1123. Pioneer has a remote control app called ” iControlAV2013″. This app not only allows you to control the various features of the receiver, but it also allows you to push music stored on your smartphone directly to the receiver.

Pioneer 1123 Special Features

4K resolution is coming. In a few years most TVs will probably offer a resolution of 4K, which is roughly 4 times the resolution of 1080p. The new 4K standard now referred to as 4K Ultra-HD, is supported by the Pioneer VSX 1123. The 1123 is capable of upscaling to 4K resolution. The Pioneer 1123 also supports multi-zone audio which allows you to play music in separate rooms. A really nice feature that the 1123 supports is zone 3 HDMI out. With this you can either send the same signal to a second room or send a different signal to a second room via the HDMI cable. As would be expected, the Pioneer VSX 1123 also incorporates a Multi-Channel Acoustic Calibration system (MCACC). This essentially takes sound measurements of your speakers in your home theater and based upon the speakers characteristics and your room’s acoustics it calibrates your speakers accordingly to achieve optimal sound quality.



The Pioneer 1123 has tons of good features for a mid-range receiver. It gives you lots of connectivity options decent power and great smartphone integration. All in all it’s definitely an a/v receiver worth checking out.


Manufacturers Contact Information

Onkyo (800) 229-1687 onkyousa.com  Denon (201) 762-6665 usa.denon.com  Yamaha (800) 4-YAMAHA usa.yamaha.com

Pioneer (800) 421-1404 pioneerelectronics.comHarman Kardon (203) 328-3500 harmankardon.comSamsung 1-800-SAMSUNG samsung.com

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