It’s rare that home theater manufacturers make any drastic changes to their a/v receiver lines. However, this year Onkyo has added 2 highly desirable features to the Onkyo 626…. built-in WiFi and bluetooth. Onkyo isn’t the first company to incorporate WiFi into a mid-range home theater receiver (last years Sony STR-DN1030 included WiFi and bluetooth) but, many of the other manufacturers haven’t jumped on board just yet with these two features.



Onkyo 626 Appearance and Connectivity

Well, if you’ve read any of our reviews of past Onkyo receivers you won’t be surprised to hear us say that the Onkyo 626 looks like a big hulking black box. In Onkyo’s defense you can say this about nearly every a/v receiver on the market, except for maybe Marantz. The Onkyo TX NR626 has the same look and feel that last years models did. It’s an efficient if not pretty design. One thing we did want to mention is the remote control for the Onkyo 626  probably has one of the best button layouts (Yamaha hopefully you’re reading this!) We recently reviewed the Yamaha 475 and even though it got rave reviews for its sound quality, the Yamaha RX-V475 receiver’s remote was over-designed and incredibly complex. The Onkyo TX NR626 is the opposite, it has a clean and simple button layout that just….makes sense.

Onkyo 626 Remote

If you look at the back of the Onkyo TX NR626 you’ll see that it’s a well connected receiver. Accompanying it’s 6 HDMI inputs it also has a handful of analog audio and video inputs. Couple that with it’s 2 component  inputs and you have a receiver that can support both old and new equipment.


Onkyo TX NR626 List of Inputs / Outputs

  • HDMI: 6 inputs / 2 outputs
  • Analog Audio: 6 inputs
  • Digital Optical: 1 inputs
  • Digital Coaxial: 2 inputs
  • Composite: 5 inputs / 1 output
  • Component: 1 input / 1 output
  • USB Input: Yes
  • Subwoofer Pre Outs: 2
  • Zone 2 line out: Yes


Onkyo Networking

Onkyo in recent years has enhanced the networking capabilities of their receivers. The Onkyo 626 takes it a step further by incorporating built-in WiFi and bluetooth. The 626 is an MHL compliant receiver,  so you can display 1080p video and playback multi-channel sound from any compatible MHL device such as a mobile phone or camcorder. Like nearly every a/v receiver today, the Onkyo TX NR626 offers a big selection of internet radio services to choose from such as TuneIn Radio, Pandora®, Rhapsody, Slacker™, SIRIUS XM Internet Radio®,, Spotify, and AUPEO! In fact we think Onkyo has a wider selection than most. This is probably a good thing since the Onkyo 626 doesn’t support Airplay. The lack of Airplay isn’t that big of deal though since you can stream music from any DLNA compliant device on your network such as your PC.

Onkyo 626

Onkyo 626 Video Features

The Onkyo TX NR626 is capable of upscaling to 1080p and 4K video. For those of you who don’t know 4K is roughly four times the resolution of 1080p. 4K television sets are few and far between currently, but in a few years they will probably take the reigns from 1080p as being the pinnacle of HD resolutions. To handle  the upscaling duties the Onkyo 626 utilizes the Qdeo™ video processor. They’ve been incorporating Qdeo in their receivers for years with fantastic results.


Onkyo TX NR626 Audio

Unlike last years model, the Onkyo TX NR616, the 626 is not THX select 2 certified. Does this matter? Probably not since there are tons of great sounding receivers on the market that aren’t THX certified. However, the Onkyo 626 is capable of pushing about 95 watts of power thru it’s 7 channels. The 626 has two HDMI outputs, both of which support ARC (Audio Return Channel). The Onkyo TX NR626 also supports the major HD audio formats Dolby® TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio™ as well as Dolby Pro Logic IIz. For calibration the Onkyo 626 uses Audyssey MultEQ. This type of calibration takes sound measurements from various locations in our room. Based on your room’s acoustical deficiencies it adjusts your speakers and equalizer settings accordingly so that you get the best sounding experience. For those of you looking for multi-zone operation, you’ll be happy to hear that the 626 does have powered zone 2 operation so that you can play two different audio sources in separate rooms. However, zone 2 is only available via an analog audio connection which may be a disappointment for some.


Convenience Features

A nice feature of the Onkyo TX NR626 is the Quick Set-Up button. This allows you to pull up a menu overlay on top of whatever program you’re watching. This way you can view or change settings without interrupting whatever your currently viewing. Onkyo also has a control app that’s compatible with iOS and Android devices. Will it replace your main remote? No, but it does give you control over some of the basic features of the 626.


Negatives According to Consumers

The Onkyo 626 does have a few negatives. Some purchasers noted that there is a delay present when switching HDMI inputs. Also, the fact that there is no HDMI input on the front posed a problem for some.


Positives According to Consumers

Most people who’ve purchased the Onkyo TX NR626 have been very happy with the unit thus far. Most felt that the unit had excellent sound quality and the bluetooth and WiFi features worked well. The onscreen setup was described as being simple and intuitive for the most part.


Onkyo is a manufacturer that continually adds more features to their a/v receivers year after year. The addition of bluetooth and WiFi gives it a big advantage over other receivers at this price point. However, even if these two features aren’t important to you, the Onkyo 626 still has much to offer anyone looking for a good mid-range receiver.

Manufacturers Contact Information

Onkyo (800) 229-1687  Denon (201) 762-6665  Yamaha (800) 4-YAMAHA

Pioneer (800) 421-1404 pioneerelectronics.comHarman Kardon (203) 328-3500 harmankardon.comSamsung 1-800-SAMSUNG

Seiki Digital 1 (855) 697-3454 www.seiki.comSony (877) 865-SONY sony.comSharp USA 1-800-237-4277

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