The “E” in the Denon E300 stands for easy (truthfully I don’t know if it does or not but it sounds right to me). The focus of Denon’s new “E” series is to simplify the home theater experience. If you have a home theater space you know how cluttered and sometimes confusing it can be to deal with all of the wires for the subwoofer,the blu ray player, the ps3, the xbox 360, the wii, the left speaker, the right speaker, the center speaker, the back surround speakers (WHEW!) which are all connected to the receiver. Often times it can take hours to figure out what’s connected to what and figure out a good way to organize everything (or if you’re like me you let the wires organize themselves). With the Denon E300, and in fact all of the a/v receivers in the “E” line, Denon’s trying to simplify the setup process.  The “E” series also has an updated GUI. The “E” series promises  to have simplified easy to follow icon driven on screen instructions to help ease the pain of setting up your a/v receiver


Denon E300 | Denon AVR E300

Denon E300 – A Simpler, Kinder Receiver

So lets examine what makes the Denon E300 so user friendly. If you look at the back of the receiver you’ll notice all of the speaker connections are color coded. The E300 also comes with color coded labels so you can match up and properly connect each speaker to its proper location. The connections on the back of the Denon E300 are also spring loaded which I like a lot. Some speakers like Bic Acoustech use these and it does make connecting the speaker wire easy if you don’t have banana plugs. So in this case you simply pull up on the connector insert your wire and then release the connector and it snaps shut securing your speaker wire. So no more screwing and unscrewing. Of course banana plugs would also be just as easy, but if you don’t have any, this is an easy and long over due way to connect your speakers to the amp.

Denon E300 interface


As mentioned above, Denon has also overhauled their setup interface. Taking a note from apple they’ve made the interface and setup more simplified. The Denon E300 uses a text and graphical interface to help make setup easier.


Denon E300 Features

Denon E300 | Denon AVR E300 Rear

The one thing that surprises me about the Denon E300 is the amount of power Denon claims the E300 is capable of outputting. It’s rated at 175 watts per channel which is pretty incredible. Denon employs identical – discrete power amp circuitry to drive each of the 5 channels. In theory this allows for maximum output per channel. Despite this I doubt the Denon E300 is capable of outputing 175 watts per channel with all channels driven, but even if it drops to 125 watts with all channels driven, it’s still very impressive.


The E300 utilizes MultEQ room calibration which takes measurements from your speakers and your room and calibrates everything based upon your room’s acoustics. The Denon E300 also has a convenient iOS and Android app that you can use to control some of the features of the receiver. The E300 allows 3D pass through, however it does not allow 4K passthrough. To get that feature you need to look at its big brother, the Denon E400.


Denon E300 Connectivity

The one thing you’ll notice is that the Denon E300 does not have a lot of older legacy connections. It has 5 HDMI inputs and 1 HDMI output with audio return channel, 2 analog audio, 1 digital coaxial, 1 digital optical, 1 subwoofer pre-out. 1 ethernet, 2 composite video inputs and 1 out and 1 USB. As you can see the E300 is not ideal for someone with older equipment, however anyone with newer a/v equipment shouldn’t have a problem connecting to the receiver. The front USB slot is perfect for connecting your iOS devices to and one nice thing about it, is that it also charges your devices as well.


  • Simplified GUI Interface
  • iOS and android app
  • Easy To Use Speaker Connections
  • Access to Internet Radio
  • Powerful 175 watts
  • 3D Pass Through
  • Airplay Support
  • Ethernet Network Connection
  • Wifi Adapter Available as an Option


  • Limited Legacy Connections
  • Only 5 HDMI Inputs


Manufacturers Contact Information

Onkyo (800) 229-1687  Denon (201) 762-6665  Yamaha (800) 4-YAMAHA

Pioneer (800) 421-1404 pioneerelectronics.comHarman Kardon (203) 328-3500 harmankardon.comSamsung 1-800-SAMSUNG

Seiki Digital 1 (855) 697-3454 www.seiki.comSony (877) 865-SONY sony.comSharp USA 1-800-237-4277


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