The Denon 1913 is the successor to the highly popular Denon 1912. The 1912 was one of the top reviewed receivers of 2011 and the Denon AVR 1913 has many of the same great features. There’s a lot to like about the 1913. It offers airplay support, allows 3D pass through and offers powered zone 2 operation among many of its features. Considering you can get it at greatly discounted prices online right now, most people in the market for a new a/v receiver would be wise to give the 1913 a hard look.
Denon 1913

Denon 1913 Connectivity

The Denon AVR 1913 has a fair amount of connectivity options. The 1913 offers a pretty good amount of legacy analog connections as well as newer digital connections:

  • 6 HDMI in /1 out
  • 4 analog audio in
  • 2 analog video in / 1 out
  • 1 component (which is slowly becoming extinct)
  • 1 digital coaxial
  • 1 digital optical
  • 1 subwoofer pre-out
  • 1 FM antenna
  • 1 ethernet

Denon AVR 1913 Features

Denon AVR 1913

There was a time when an a/v receiver was used for one thing and one thing only, and that was to reproduce sweet melodic sounds. However, todays a/v receivers are like a swiss army knife, they have a tool for everything. Some manufacturers  cram so many features into their a/v receivers that they lose sight of what the a/v receiver is really for. Denon is not one of these manufacturers. The Denon 1913 has a lot of extras however, it never loses sight of what it’s main purpose is and that’s to reproduce fantastic sound. Denon in most of their a/v receivers incorporates discrete circuit amplification where as many manufacturers use integrated circuits. In theory, the discrete circuits powering the 7 channels of the 1913 should give you more faithful audio reproduction.


Like most mid-range receivers, the Denon AVR 1913 utilizes room calibration software to help optimize and improve your listening experience. Sometimes the accuracy and improved sound quality can be shocking when used properly. The 1913 uses Audyssey MultEQ room calibration. This form of audyssey allows for you to measure up to 6 points in your room and based on that, the receiver calibrates and optimizes your sound system accordingly. The results can be night and day when listening to an uncalibrated system vs. a calibrated system. The 1913 is capable of decoding all of the major HD formats; Dolby TrueHD, Digital, Digital Plus, Pro Logic IIz, EX, DTS HD Master Audio, HD High Resolution, EX, ES, Neo:6, 96/24. The 1913 also supports powered zone 2 operation.


Denon 1913 Media Streaming and Special Features

Internet streaming music services are becoming more popular. The Denon 1913 enables you to access a variety of music services such as Pandora, Spotify, and SiriusXM. The 1913 also offers Airplay support which allows you to stream music from your apple device or from Itunes. It’s also DLNA certified which means it can communicate with any other DLNA compatible device on your network. The front of the Denon 1913 has a USB and an HDMI connection which enables you to connect your apple, android or camcorder device directly to the receiver.


Like most a/v receivers in this category, the Denon 1913 is capable of upscaling to 1080p however  unlike some of it’s competitors it does not do 4K upscaling. This isn’t a big deal currently since 4K technology has yet to catch on. One thing that Denon  has done a good job with in recent years is making there user interface more intuitive. The Denon AVR 1913 has a relatively attractive user interface. Although it may not be as intuitive as Denon’s new E-Line of receivers it still is better than most.


Customer Satisfaction with the Denon 1913

The Denon AVR 1913 has a very positive customer rating however, nothing is perfect and a few issues have appeared. Below we’ve outlined both the negatives and positives according to actual customer testimony:

Customer Negatives

One thing that customers have found issue with is that for the zone 2 operations, you can only use analog signals. Digital signals via HDMI or optical cannot be passed through into the 2nd zone. A few purchasers also had issues with erratic network connectivity. This could indicate a problem with the receiver or a problem with the customers own local network.

Customer Positives

Most customers raved about the network features and the internet radio. Airplay support and playback also received great reviews. The on screen interface came across as being simple and easy to use and the Audyssey MultEQ calibration received high marks for actively improving the sound stage in the listening area of most purchasers. Overall, most customers felt the Denon created an excellent listening environment for both movies and music



If you’re in the market for a new a/v receiver, then the Denon 1913 is a good place to start looking. It has a lot of convenient modern features that we all love. it also never loses sight of it’s main purpose which is to help improve your audio and video experience. It’s normal retail price is around $579 however, you can often find it on sale for under $500. If you pick one up it may the best $500 you ever spent.

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Onkyo (800) 229-1687  Denon (201) 762-6665  Yamaha (800) 4-YAMAHA

Pioneer (800) 421-1404 pioneerelectronics.comHarman Kardon (203) 328-3500 harmankardon.comSamsung 1-800-SAMSUNG

Seiki Digital 1 (855) 697-3454 www.seiki.comSony (877) 865-SONY sony.comSharp USA 1-800-237-4277


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