The Porsche name is synonymous with high performance sports cars. Now you can have that same high performance in your home theater. The 911 Soundbar looks like it belongs on a show room floor instead of under your TV. Designed and created by Porsche Design Group, who is a subsidiary of Porsche AG, the soundbar features a 911 GT3 rear silencer and twin exhaust mounted on top of what appears to be a speaker stand.


Porsche 911 SoundbarThe 2.1 virtual surround 911 features DTS-TruSurround and built-in bluetooth for streaming audio from a smartphone or other bluetooth enabled device. The large silencer and twin exhaust mounted on top aren’t just for looks. They pump up the power of the 200 watt system by resonating sound and kicking the bass up a notch.


The overall appearance of the 911 may be a little gaudy for some. However, someone who’s a Porsche connoisseur will definitely appreciate the 911’s (unique) look. Like their famed cars, the Porsche 911 sound bar comes with a premium price tag. At $3500 it’s not cheap. And despite the Porsche moniker emblazoned on the front, it’s tough to tell whether it’s audio quality justifies the exceptional price. Anyone brazen enough to take the 911 soundbar for a spin, can test it out at the Porsche Design Group website.

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