There was a time when speaker manufacturers were at war with each. The audio arms race was about who could make bigger, badder and louder speakers. However, this came at a price, a big price. To get top-grade audio consumers had to plunk down a huge chunk of change. Today, the arms race has shifted. Now manufacturers are battling to make entry-level speakers that have exceptional sound quality. Polk’s new entries in their T-Series line, were designed with that in mind.


The Polk T15 Bookshelf Speakers ($100/pair)  have been available on store shelves for some time now, but they finally have some company. The two new entries in the line are the T50 Floorstanding Speakers ($130 each) and the T30 Center Channel Speaker ($130). Combine these new speakers with the T15’s and you have a full-fledged 5 channel system for under 500 bucks.


Polk T50 Speaker PreviewPolk T50 Floorstanders ($130 each)

The Polk T50’s feature a 1″ silk dome tweeter which includes Polk’s custom wave guide. Below the tweeter sets one 6.25″ mid-range composite driver followed by two 6.25″ bass radiators designed to give the the T50’s some added bass. To help reduced resonance and distortion the speaker cabinets are made of furniture grade MDF board. Polk’s specs on these state that they have a frequency response of 38Hz – 24kHz which, if true, is pretty impressive for a $130 speaker.




Polk T30 Center Channel ($130 each)

Polk T30 Center Channel

The Polk T30 Center Channel features a 1″ silk dome tweeter flanked by dual 5.25″ composite drivers. The back of the T30 has a rear firing bass port so you’ll want give the speaker some space. The T30 is designed to provide crystal clear dialogue. Like the T50, the 30 utilizes a furniture grade MDF cabinet which helps reduce resonance and distortion.


Pioneer’s  Andrew Jones designed Elite speakers have managed to combine great performance with affordability. They’ve also garnered high praise from consumers and professional reviewers. Polk’s new T-Series appears to be their answer to Pioneer’s impressive line of affordable speakers. Anyone eager to try the T-Series won’t have long to wait. Both the T30 and T50 models are starting to hit retail shelves now.


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