At Cedia 2016 Polk added a bold new line of speakers to their substantial portfolio. The new Polk Signature series features a clean modern look and feel that’s a bit of a departure from past Polk designs. All of the speakers in this new series feature a blackwash walnut finish and curved enclosure. Their fronts are highlighted by distinctive silver drivers with a glossy surround. In all, Polk has a total of eight new speakers in the new line.


Polk Signature Tower Speakers

Polk Signature Series Towers

Three tower models reside in Polk’s new Signature line. The S50, S55 and S60 round out the options available in the new series. All of the towers feature a substantially braced MDF enclosure designed to reduce standing waves and resonance. At the base of each tower is what Polk calls a Power Port. The Power Port is designed to guide air flow smoothly from the port into your listening area. The increased surface area afforded by the Power Port provides a greater surface area which eliminates distortion and turbulence. The end result, according to Polk, is bass that’s deeper and more musical. High frequencies are handled by a 1 inch high-resolution Terylene tweeter.

Polk Signature Series

The S50, which is the baby of the series, has dual two 5.25 inch mica-reinforced polypropylene drivers and a three-driver cascading tapered crossover array which Polk claims creates a seamless lifelike sound stage. Both the S55 and S60 have 6.5 inch drivers. While the S55 has two, the S60 ups the ante by incorporating three.


Polk Signature Bookshelf & Surround Speakers

Polk Signature Bookshelf Speakers
Polk has three Bookshelf models in the new line; the S10, S15 and the S20. All of the Bookshelves sport a 1 inch Terylene tweeter, a two-way crossover and a Power Port to accentuate low frequencies.  The S10 is the smallest of the bunch and is probably better suited for surround channel duties. A 4 inch woofer means that the S10 won’t be a heavyweight in the bass department, but it should do a pretty good job with surround sound effects.


If you want a Bookshelf with more audio acumen, then the S15 or S20 is probably more your style. The S15 features a 5.25 inch woofer while it’s big brother, the S20 has a 6.5 inch driver.


Polk Signature Center Channels

Polk Signature Center Speakers
Polk’s Signature Series has two center speakers available. The S35 is the slimmest of the two center channels at only 4 inches high. At first sight, it looks more like a soundbar instead of a center channel. Inside its slender frame is an array of six 3 inch cones along with a 1 inch Terylene tweeter. The S35 can be used as a left, right or center channel and it can be placed horizontally or vertically. The keyholes on the rear mean it can also be wall mounted.


The S30 is a more traditional center speaker. It also features a 1 inch Terylene tweeter as well as dual 5.25 inch drivers.  Both speakers utilize Polk’s Power Port design to add a little low frequency punch.


All speakers in this new line are expected to land on store shelves starting in September.

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