Polk is hoping to cause a stir in the budget soundbar market with its new Polk Signa Solo. This wallet-friendly bar is priced at a meager $129 making it one of the most affordable bars on the market.


As its name would suggest, the Signa Solo soundbar doesn’t include an external subwoofer. In fact, according to Polk the Signa doesn’t require an external sub thanks to its 4-driver array and dual bass ports. Connection choices on the bar are a little slim. The unit has 1 optical input and a single 3.5 mm AUX input.


The Signa Solo includes Polk’s VoiceAdjust tech to boost dialogue. It also supports Dolby Digital surround decoding and has built-in Bluetooth so you can send music wirelessly to it from a smartphone or tablet. Polk went the extra mile to make the Solo as easy as possible to setup. In fact, the bar includes a feature called SmartBar. With this, the Signa Solo is able to automatically work with all TV remotes. No programming necessary.


It’s good to see manufacturers offering affordable soundbars that don’t sacrifice sound quality. While the jury’s still out on the Solo, with Polk’s pedigree it would be hard to imagine it having subpar sound. The Signa is expected to arrive on store shelves this fall. More info can be found on Polk’s website.

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