The Good: The Polk PSW10 Subwoofer provides good bang for your buck. It also has deep, detailed bass and is good for small or medium size rooms.


The Bad: Won’t excite in large rooms. Also would be nice to see a direct LFE connection included


Summary: The Polk PSW10 has a lot to like. For small or medium size rooms it provides excellent value for anyone who wants to upgrade their home theater’s sound quality. However, it may struggle to provide adequate bass in large rooms.

Polk PSW10 Review

Polk PSW10 Subwoofer

People kept telling us we needed to review the Polk-PSW10 Subwoofer, but we resisted. After all, how good could this low priced 10-inch subwoofer really sound. After weeks of emails of people telling us to review it, we finally gave in and requested a review model to test. And to be honest, we were a little shocked at how good this little bugger sounded. In hindsight we probably should have never doubted a polk speaker. Polk has a history of offering affordable speakers that have great sound quality and the Polk-PSW10 Subwoofer is no exception.


Polk PSW10 Appearance and Features

As far as looks, there’s not much to say. With the Polk PSW10 you have a choice of two finishes; black and cherry-colored vinyl. The PSW10, like most subwoofers, is your standard cube box and the sub itself is constructed out of MDF board. Pull off the front grill and you’ll be greeted by it’s aggressive looking titanium finished front baffle. Overall, it’s appearance is nothing exciting but you could say the same thing about 99% of the subwoofers on the market. Polk gives you a variety of connection options for the PSW10 including RCA line-level inputs and stereo speaker level inputs. The Polk PSW10 also has an auto on/off feature and 80Hz-to-160Hz crossover control. We like the variety of connections options it gives you, but it would have been nice if Polk had also included direct LFE connection as well like they do with the bigger Polk PSW505.



The performance of the Polk PSW10 really surprised us. When watching a series of movies on blu-ray including Avatar, Pacific Rim and the Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, the PSW10 provided deep powerful bass. We expected the PSW10 to be a little boomy, but it wasn’t. It’s bass output was detailed and clear without being overpowering. Smaug’s voice in the Hobbit was deep and bellowing. For music playback, the PSW10 was equally adept. It proved to be agile and accurate. The Polk PSW10 is ideal for small to medium size rooms. In a large room the PSW10 will struggle to provide adequate bass in which case you may want to take a look at the Polk PSW505.

Polk PSW10 Specifications

Available FinishesBlack or Cherry
Height14.38 inches
Depth16.2 inches
Driver10 inch
Frequency Response35 Hz – 200 Hz
CrossoverVariable 80Hz – 160 Hz
Dynamic Power100 watts
Continuous Power50 watts
Weight26 lbs
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