A good subwoofer can go a long way to improving the overall sound quality of any home theater. For movies, a good sub can deliver chest pounding bass that sucks you in. With music, it can make any audio track sound fuller and richer. On the flip side, a bad subwoofer can muddy up not only low frequencies, but its poor sound quality can spill over into other frequencies virtually destroying any sound track.

Pioneer SW-10 Subwoofer

High-end subwoofers can cost $1000 + however, in recent years we’ve seen a variety of quality subs produced that cost only a fraction of that. Pioneer’s been the recent undisputed champ by producing speakers that over deliver in the sound department. Now they want to continue that streak with their new subwoofer, the SW-10, that delivers quality bass at a fraction of the cost.


The SW-10 has a claimed frequency range of 30 Hz–150 Hz. To deliver this low freqency punch it’s powered by a 200 watt BASH amplifier and has a maximum peak output of about 400 watts. The Pioneer SW-10 uses a vented enclosure and instead of foam surrounds, utilizes wide rubber surrounds. Pioneer says that this provides better bass response because it allows for more cone excursion. Rubber is also more durable than foam which has a tendency to degrade over time. To really fine tune the SW-10, the sub has phase and crossover controls on the rear.


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