Earlier we mentioned that Onkyo had released details regarding it’s support for Dolby’s new proprietary surround sound format, Atmos. Pioneer also demonstrated it’s support for the fledgling format by offering a collection of Atmos compatible components. Chief among these is a new line of Elite Atmos compatible speakers designed by the noteworthy Andrew Jones.

Pioneer Elite Atmos Speakers

Pioneer Elite Atmos Compatible Speakers


At first glance Pioneer’s Atmos enabled speakers look pretty run-of-the-mill, until you take a closer look. Mounted on top of Pioneer’s Elite SP-EBS73-LR bookshelves and SP-EFS73 floorstanding speakers are vertically-firing Dolby Atmos-enabled drivers. In Atmos enabled commercial theaters additional speakers in the ceiling sides and rear project an almost 3D sound field. Having these additional speakers is impractical for most home theaters. The work around for this is the Atmos-enabled drivers installed on top of Pioneer’s Elite speakers. These work by projecting sound upward towards the ceiling and then reflecting the sound down to the listening area, thereby emulating the sound effects you would experience in an Atmos enabled commercial theater.


Beyond the Atmos enabled driver, the center, floorstanding and bookshelf speakers in the Elite line use a 3-way design with 5.25 inch woofers. These elite speakers also use what Pioneer’s calling a Coherent Source Transducer or CST for short. Positioned in the center of a 4 inch mid-range driver is a 1 inch dome tweeter. Pioneer claims that this reduces interference and distortion between the midrange and tweeter. Rounding out the elite line is a 10″ subwoofer (SW-E10) with a 300 watt BASH amplifier.

Pioneer Elite SC-89

Pioneer Elite SC-89

Along with the Elite line of speakers, Pioneer also unveiled three Elite receivers, the SC-85 ($1,600), SC-87 ($2,000) and the SC-89 ($3,000). Each of these include a multitude of HDMI 2.0 inputs as well as Class-D amplifiers. All three receivers are also compatible with home control systems from Crestron, Control4, and more. Out of the box these receivers won’t support Atmos however, Pioneer’s stated that a firmware update which will be available by the end of the year, will make these receivers Atmos compatible.


Pioneer’s new Elite receivers are expected to arrive this fall, while the Elite speakers should be hitting store shelves the end of summer. The SP-EBS73-LR Bookshelf Speakers will sell in pairs for $749. The SP-EFS73 Floorstanding Speaker, the SP-EC73 Center Channel Speaker and the SW-E10 Subwoofer will all be sold individually for $699, $399 and $599, repectively.



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