If you’ve been waiting to pull the trigger on a new set of Atmos enabled speakers then your wait may be over. Pioneer’s announced a brand new set of affordable Atmos speakers that may get you to jump off the sidelines. The first of these new speakers are the SP-BS22A-LR Bookshelves.


The Andrew Jones designed SP-BS22A-LR share the same design elements as the SP-BS22 which include a 4-inch structured woofer with a 1-inch soft dome tweeter. Peek at the top of the SP-BS22A-LR and that’s where you’ll notice the difference.


Housed on top of the speakers are 4-inch woofers with a center-mounted 1/2 inch tweeter. This array projects audio at a 10 degree angle at your ceiling causing the sound to reflect down into your listening area.


Pioneer SP-T22A-LR Dolby Atmos Speaker

Pioneer SP-T22A-LR Dolby Atmos Speaker Module

Pioneer’s second offering is a new Dolby Atmos speaker module designed to fit on top of your existing speakers. If you already own either the SP-BS22-LR bookshelf or the SP-FS51 tower speaker, the SP-T22A-LR’s fits both like a glove. The curved cabinet of the T22A matches the profile of both speakers perfectly. The SP-T22A’s  also feature a 4-inch woofer and a 1/2-inch center mounted tweeter angled at 10 degrees.

Both of Pioneer’s new Atmos speakers use designs that were first introduced by Andrew Jones. Unfortunately Jones recently left Pioneer to take charge of product development at the German speaker company ELAC.


If you’re eager to take these speakers for a spin they’re available at major retail locations now.


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