Panasonic Plasma

Panasonic officially announced today that they are parting ways with the plasma tv production business. Rumors have been circulating around for months that Panasonic wanted to stop production of plasma TVs and today they made it official. Over the past few years Panasonic’s plasmas have fought an uphill battle against popular LCD TVs despite costing less. Unfortunately, plasma TVs have not been able to shake the problematic issues that plagued early plasma technology such as burn-in.

The sad truth is that good plasma TVs usually trump the picture quality of LCD’s by providing deeper blacks and suffering less from motion blur. Panasonic the last few years has produced some of the finest TVs on the market such as the TC-P60ST60 60-Inch plasma. Panasonic announced a prototype OLED TV at January’s Consumer Electronics Show and they’ve stated publicly that they intend to focus there efforts on emerging OLED technologies.

One factory has completely stopped manufacturing TVs and business operations at this and 2 other factories will end by March 2014. Waning sales of flat panel TVs has hurt the industry as a whole and unfortunately for Panasonic, sales of its plasma TVs have suffered even worse.

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