It seems that everyone is getting into streaming video today. In fact, we have an announcement to make. AV Tech Reviews is launching a new streaming video service in 2015 to compete with Netflix and Amazon (Just Kidding).


But seriously, it appears that every few months a new company is jumping into the VOD arena. On January 20th Overstock announced that they would launch their own video streaming service in 2015.


In an article published by the Hollywood Reporter, is planning to launch with about 30,000 acquired titles and original content by the middle of 2015. Overstock which claims to be second only to Amazon in online retail sales, says that the VOD & streaming service will be available to customers who sign up for their customer loyalty program which costs about $20 per year.


As of right now, it’s unclear if Overstock will charge anything additional for the streaming service. Hopefully, more information will be forthcoming in the upcoming months.

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