Onkyo, who is well known for offering some of the best selling AV receivers on the market, has a dirty little secret. Since 2005, Onkyo has operated a high resolution music download service in its native country of Japan. Well, Onkyo has recently announced the expansion of their service to United States, the United Kingdom and Germany. If successful, Onkyo hopes to expand it to other Global markets. Through a partnership with 7 zip, a digital music platform, the new service will give users access to hundreds of thousands of 24-bit/44.1kHz up to 192kHz hi-res tracks and millions of CD-quality 16-bit FLAC.


The music platform will go by the moniker Onkyomusic and is currently in beta at www.onkyomusic.com. Unlike other hi-res music services, Onkyomusic does not offer any type of streaming service. Instead, you can purchase either individual tracks or albums (much like iTunes). The high resolution tracks will cost $2 – $4, while albums will cost you $15 – $20. The service will include multiple genres of music from Pop, Soul, Jazz, Classical and more. Onkyo also hopes to include music from popular Japanese labels.


Once purchased, music is stored on Onkyo’s cloud service so that it can easily be downloaded to multiple devices. iOS and Android apps are currently in devleopment. To learn more go to onkyomusic.com.

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