Onkyo isn’t known for speakers. In fact, when you talk about the top speaker makers Onkyo’s name isn’t even mentioned. However, in recent years they’ve slowly been making an effort to break into the speaker business. Today they announced the release of their new hi-resolution Bluetooth speaker, the X9-HRA.


Onkyo hasn’t revealed many details about the new speaker, but what we do know is that it will have a silver aluminum body, 4 mid bass drivers, 2 tweeters and 2 passive radiators. According to Onkyo, the portable X9-HRA speaker will have a 10 hour battery life. Connection wise it has an HD headphone jack as well as analog and USB inputs.


Hopefully, Onkyo will give us more info regarding the hi-resolution audio features of the speaker. Bluetooth isn’t an ideal medium for transmitting hi-resolution audio. We can assume that hi-res audio files could be stored on a USB drive and, if the X9-HRA has the necessary codecs, it would be capable of playing back these files. The X9-HRA is scheduled to go on sale this Fall and hopefully by then we’ll have a few more details about it so stay tuned.

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