Onkyo TX NR 828

Onkyo TX NR828 – Now Includes Built-In WiFi and Bluetooth


Onkyo has just announced the release of the Onkyo TX NR 828 and the Onkyo TX NR 929 receivers. Both the 828 and 929 will support lossless audio streaming from iOS and Android devices, as well as 192/24 FLC, Apple Lossless, Dolby TrueHD, LPCM, and DSD from compatible network devices. Both will also utilize Marvell’s Qdeo Video processing technology to passthrough and upscale 4K video sources. One thing that’s a constant with Onkyo, is that they are consistent. Neither the Onkyo 828 or the 929 will offer Airplay support however, if you purchase Onkyo’s  DS-A5 interactive iPod dock you can add on Airplay functionality to both receivers.

Onkyo TX NR929

The Onkyo TX NR 929 includes Built-in WiFi and Bluetooth and offers support for DTS Neo:X™ upmixing, and 11.2 multichannel pre-outs.


The Onkyo 828 will boast 8 HDMI inputs while the 929 will incorporate 9. Both will have 2 HDMI outputs however the Onkyo TX NR 929 will support powered zone 2 AND 3, while the 828 will only support powered zone 2. Last years 818 utilized Audyssey’s MultEQ XT32 room calibration software. This year’s 929 uses the XT32 however, the 828 will take a small step back and only use Audyssey’s MultEQ calibration. The Onkyo 929 will also offer DTS Neo:X™ upmixing, and 11.2 multichannel pre-outs.

Lastly, like many of Onkyo’s latest receivers, the 828 and 929 will both feature built-in WiFi and Bluetooth, which may give them an advantage in a very competitive market. The Onkyo 828 is expected to go on sale in June with a suggested MSRP of $1,099 and the 929 will go on sale in July with a suggested MSRP of $1399.




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