Onkyo, who’s always been known for producing fantastic amplifiers and A/V receivers, has slowly started adding speakers to their home audio arsenal. With Dolby Atmos on the verge of becoming the next big thing in home theater, Onkyo has joined Pioneer and Atlantic Technology by offering Atmos speaker modules. The diminutive Onkyo SKH-410 speaker modules can sit on top of your existing speakers or entertainment center.


Once connected to a Dolby Atmos compatible receiver, the SKH-410 speakers have a specially angled driver which beams sound off your ceiling and down into your listening area. The resulting effect is a multi-dimensional sound experience where sound moves all around your room. For instance, a helicopter or airplane will sound like it’s flying overhead creating a “real world” sonic experience.


The Onkyo SKH-410 speakers should be available soon at retailers at a suggested MSRP of $249. We’re eager to get our hands on a pair to see if the hype over Atmos is warranted.


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