Onkyo LS B50 Soundbar

Onkyo LS-B50 Soundbar

Let’s face it, it’s a simple fact of physics, the smaller and thinner our TVs get, the worse the sound gets. It’s nearly impossible to install good sound drivers in today’s flat screen TV’s because of size limitations. As such, soundbars are becoming more prevalent for those looking to upgrade their tiny TV speakers to something a little more substantial.

Onkyo, who is well known in the av receiver world, has just announced the release of two new soundbars, the LS-B50 and the LS-T10. Both of these new bluetooth enabled soundbars have a USB port so that you can play media from your smartphone, tablet or other flash enabled device. They’re also pre-configured to accept IR signals from 9 major TV manufacturers so that you can use your existing TV remote if you desire.

Onkyo LS-T10

Onkyo LS-T10

The Onkyo LS-B50 includes a separate wireless 40W active subwoofer and has 6 full-range drivers and two ring-radiator tweeters. The Onkyo LS-T10’s unique frame is designed so that you can easily set your TV on top of it. The LS-T10 also incorporates 6 full-range drivers plus a 21W  subwoofer on the bottom.

Both are expected to be released in September.  The MSRP of the Onkyo LS-B50 will be $699 and $499 for the Onkyo LS-T10.

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