When Iron Maiden founding member, Steve Harris, teamed up with Onkyo to make the ED-PHON3S the goal was to create the ultimate “metal” headphone. Using premium components, the ED-PHON3S are designed to not only produce excellent high and low frequencies, but superior mid-range as well.

Iron Maiden ED-PHON3S

According to Steve Harris, “Metal and all genres of rock need clarity and presence in the mid-range to display the full sound spectrum. This was my key brief for ED-PH0N3S. The other technical improvements were all done to achieve the ultimate dynamics in headphones for me, Maiden fans, and rock fans generally.”


With that statement in mind, Onkyo designed the ED-PHON3S with 40mm titanium drivers to give the phones a clean and accurate sound. The ED-PHON3S also use silver plugs and adapter contacts since silver has no sonic character.


The special edition Iron Maiden ED-PHON3S are expected to be available early 2016 at a price of $299. For more information on their availability check out maidenaudio.com or onkyousa.com

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