Alright, I must admit, I’ve always wanted a levitating speaker. I’ve dreamt of this moment for years. Well, not really, but if you have then you’re in luck. Om Audio is set to launch what may be the worlds first floating speaker. To see it in action watch the video below.

The tiny .75lb orb hovers quietly above it’s base thanks to the assistance of magnets. Nestled in the center of the base is a glowing OM audio logo. The base not only charges the speaker, but it can also charge other USB enabled devices.


The 3.6 inch rotating sphere houses a single 75mm audio driver and does double duty as a microphone. It’s also bluetooth 4.0 compatible and can be paired with a 2nd OM/ONE speaker to provide stereo sound. OM audio claims that the speaker will have up to 15 hours of continuous play. If you want to take your tunes with you, you can easily grab the floating sphere and it can accompany you on your travels.


Honestly, this thing is pretty cool looking, but the real question is how does it sound? It’s doubtful that a speaker this size is capable of producing meaningful sound, but until we get our hands on one we won’t know for sure.


If you want to be one of the first ones to experience the OM/ONE, OM audio is currently running a crowdfunding campaign. As of the publication of this article there were 49 days left in the campaign with a goal of $100,000.





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