Your new 55 inch TVs tiny speakers can only produce so much sound. If you don’t want to invest in a full blown surround system, then a sound bar is your best bet. Yamaha’s YAS 152 – 47 1/4 inch sound bar is designed with 55 inch TVs or larger in mind.

The YAS 152 boasts 2 built-in down firing subwoofers and also has 2 full range drivers on the front. If you do want to connect a subwoofer to the 152 it does come with a subwoofer pre-out. It also has 1 digital optical, 1 digital coaxial and 1 analog audio input.

The 152 is bluetooth enabled which allows you to stream music from bluetooth compatible smart phones, tablets or computers. Yamaha also makes a control app which is freely available on the App Store or on the Android Market. The app allows you to control the sound bar via bluetooth. In case the YAS 152 is in a location that blocks your TVs remote signal, you’ll be glad to hear that it also includes a TV Remote Repeater just for these frustrating circumstances. The repeater which is on the rear of the sound bar will transmit any signal sent from your TVs remote to the TV.

The YAS 152 will be available this October at an expected retail price of: $349.

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