It would appear that all the rumors of an updated Xbox One console were true. Microsoft today unveiled the slimmed down Xbox One S console. Those of you expecting the updated console to cost an arm and a leg will be pleasantly surprised. The pint sized Xbox One S is expected to retail for roughly the same price as the Xbox One when it ships this August.

Pre-Order The Xbox One S

Key upgrades to the Xbox One S include its support for 4K video and its ability to playback 4K blu-ray discs. The “S” also supports HDR (high dynamic range) video which should allow for deeper and richer colors for both movies and video games. The power supply will be built-in to the box (so no more power brick) and it has the capacity to hold a 2 TB hard drive. All of this will be crammed into a shell that’s 40% smaller than the original Xbox One. Speaking of the shell, the Xbox One S will also sport a glistening white exterior dubbed “Robot White”.

Xbox One S Console

The controllers will also get a slight update as they’ll now come with slightly textured grips and have better wireless range.


According to the Verge, the “S” will come with a built-in IR blaster to help control other equipment in your entertainment center and it will no longer have a dedicated input for the Kinect sensor. Its believed that a separate USB adapter will be available for those of you that want to use Kinect with the slimmed down console.


Initially, the Xbox S will come in three SKUs: 500GB, 1 TB and 2 TB. The 2 TB version will be the first out the gate when it launches this August. The 500GB and 1 TB versions are expected to be available around Christmas time. The Xbox One S is currently up for Pre-Order at various retailers.


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