After months of rumors, Sony finally released new details regarding their highly anticipated PlayStation Neo project. The upgraded PS4 console will be more powerful and support 4K video and HDR, however it will not play physical 4K blu-ray discs. The latter is a little surprising since Microsoft’s rival Xbox One S console will support 4K blu-ray media.


The new console dubbed the PlayStation 4 Pro, will have a faster processor and have double the graphic prowess of the current PS4. The Pro will also come bundled with a 1 terabyte hard drive and play all current PS4 games. During the press event, Sony said older and current games can receive a patch that will give them a visual upgrade allowing them to harness the power of the new Pro console.


Sony also announced that the Pro will support 4K videos as well as HDR. The one caveat is that it won’t support 4K blu-ray discs. To get your 4K fix, you’ll need to stream your 4K videos from various online services such as Netflix or YouTube. Both of these aforementioned apps will be available on the PlayStation Pro at launch. The fact that the Microsoft’s rival Xbox One S will support 4K blu-ray discs may give it a leg-up on Sony’s future console.


Along with the Pro, Sony also announced a “slim” iteration of the current PS4. This svelte PS4 has the same ports, 500GB hard drive and features as the current PS4. It’s just a lot smaller. The biggest difference, besides the size, is that the power and eject buttons are “actual buttons” now instead of the touch sensitive zones that are on the current PS4.


The PS4 Pro’s expected arrival date is November 10 with an expected MSRP of $399. The slimmed down PS4 will be hitting store shelves sooner with an expected September 15 launch date and an MSRP of $299. Both are available for pre-order.


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