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Netflix has announced that they will now offer 1080p content to all of it’s Netflix instant subscribers. Previously, Netflix’s 1080p content was limited to ISP’s who adopted Netflix’s Open Connect Platform.

Netflix subscribers who stream HD content are required to have a download speed of 5Mb/s. However, for the 1080p Super HD Content Netflix recommends a minimum download speed of 7Mb/s. Netflix’s CEO Reed Hastings also announced that 4K content,which is expected to be available within the next 2 years, will only require download speeds of  about 15 Mb/s which should ease the minds of home theater enthusiasts everywhere. Netflix will also offer streaming 3D content which will require a minimum download speed of 12Mb/s.

Compatible hardware will also be necessary to stream Netflix’s 1080p Super HD Content. The current list compatible devices are listed below, although Netflix promises more will be added:

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