As of Dec. 17th, DISH subscribers can now access Netflix via their DISH set-top boxes. Netflix has been rumored to be in talks with major television providers for the past year. DISH is the first major pay TV provider to allow Netflix on their set-top box thus far.


At first glance it may seem like an unlikely alliance. After all, the past several years have seen pay TV providers lose a frightening amount of customers to streaming services like Netflix. However, by allowing Netflix on their set-top boxes, DISH believes they can offer their customers added value. Not only do they get access to a host of live TV options, but they also have the ability to access Netflix’s growing database of TV shows and movies from a single box. Some believe that this may curtail people from dropping their TV subscription packages.


DISH has found themselves embroiled in conflicts with major TV networks the past several years. Incorporating Netflix could give them more leverage in future negotiations. During disputes DISH will now have the ability to point customers to Netflix’s vast database of TV shows. Of course, DISH isn’t the only one benefiting from the arrangement. Having access to millions of DISH’s customers is sure to boost Netflix’s customer base in the near term.


The one caveat to the arrangement is that the Netflix app is only available on DISH’s 2nd generation hopper set-top box. The exact number of subscribers that own the 2nd gen hopper is unknown.


With DISH joining forces with Netflix, it will be curious to see if other major satellite/cable providers jump on board.

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