Mark your calendars. On April 26 at 1:30 pm EDT /10:30 am PDT NASA will live stream the first “out of this world” broadcast in 4K quality. UHD footage has been captured in space before, but never live streamed.


The endeavor is being co-produced by Amazon web services. The 4K footage will be captured using a RED Dragon Digital Cinema Camera that was previously delivered to the International Space Station by a Japanese cargo ship in December 2016.


As expected, you’ll need either a 4K monitor or a 4K TV to enjoy the Ultra Hi-definition feed. However, if you don’t have either of these, lower-resolution streams will be available on NASA TV and on the NASA Facebook Page.


The broadcast will feature a roundtable discussion titled ‘Reaching for the Stars: Connecting the Future with NASA and Hollywood’, and will explore how “advanced imaging and cloud technologies are taking scientific research and filmmaking to the next level”.


Peggy Whitson, astronaut, and commander of NASA’s Expedition 51 will be an active participant in the discussion. Carolyn Giardina, who is the technology editor for the Hollywood Reporter, will be the moderator for the roundtable.


Other non-orbiting participants will include Khawaja Shams, vice president of engineering for AWS; Sam Blackman, chief executive officer and co-founder of AWS Elemental; astronaut Tracy Caldwell Dyson;  Bernadette McDaid, head of development for virtual reality and augmented reality at Bau Entertainment; Dave McQueeney, senior principal investigator for the IBM Watson Group; and Rodney Grubbs, program manager for NASA Imagery Experts.


If you want to tune-in, you can watch the 4K live-stream on April 26 at

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