Micca MB42 Bookshelf Review
The MB42s are impressive overall. They do have some flaws, but for speakers that are under $100 they're a solid investment.

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Sound Quality7
The Good
  • The Micca MB42s are affordable speakers that look more expensive than they really are. Bass response and overall sound quality is better than expected. Will shine in small rooms.
The Bad
  • Won't do well in large rooms. Mid-range sometimes lacks focus and detail.
8Overall Score



Micca MB42 Review

For a budget speaker the Micca MB42s have a certain elegance to them that’s unexpected. The 42s body curves on the top and bottom edges giving it a distinct appearance. The Miccas are relatively small. Measuring only 9.5 inches tall x 5.8 inches wide and 6.5 inches deep, the 42s are small enough to fit on a desk. The entire enclosure is wrapped in a black faux wood grain finish.


You’d expect to find spring clips as the speaker connection of choice for a budget speaker. However, that is not the case with the MB42s. Instead, they incorporate 5-way binding posts which offers a more secure method of connection.  Banana plugs, spades, pins, and bare wire can all be used to attach your amp to the Micca MB42.


The MB42s utilize a ported design. When looking at the back you’ll notice it a few inches above the 5-way binding posts. The manufacturer recommends placing these along a wall or near a corner to accentuate bass. I received the best results when I put a few inches of space between the speaker and the wall. Too close and the bass became boomy and undisciplined.

Micca MB42 Review

Removing the cloth grill on the Micca MB42 reveals the business end of the speaker. A .75 inch silk dome tweeter mounted at the top handles upper frequencies. A 4-Inch balanced woven carbon fiber woofer with rubber surround is responsible for mid and low frequencies.


Micca MB42 Sound Quality

One thing needs to be said about the Micca MB42. You have to tame your expectations a bit when you grab these off the shelf. When compared to a $500 set of speakers they’re not going to sound as good, but the real question is….are they worth the sub $100 price tag that you’ll pay for them? Based off what I’ve heard….yes.


The Micca MB42s won’t blow you away in the bass department, but for their size they definitely pump out more than you would expect. When I hooked them up for the first time I was immediately impressed by the amount of bass these budget speakers could muster. Will they shake your room? No, but they will nicely fill out the low-end in most songs. The MB42s bass at times was articulate, however crank the volume and you can tell the little drivers were struggling. Place these in a small room and the Miccas will do nicely. Place these in a big open space and you may run into problems.


High frequencies sounded fairly detailed on the Micca MB42. Mid-range was a little hit-or-miss. Vocal arrangements sounded fairly good coming from the small speaker, however instrumentals lacked detail and focus. Considering these little speakers only have a 4 inch driver, they handled themselves pretty well and outperformed my expectations.


The Bottom Line

The Micca MB42’s are solid little speakers. Are they amazing? No, but they do sound better than their meager price would indicate. The MSRP of these bookshelves is $99, however you should be able to pick up a set of these for far less than that making them a really good value.

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