Sonos has recently announced the discontinuation of their matte black subwoofer. Sonos has stated that this is an effort to simplify their current product line-up. However, the black gloss subwoofer will remain in production and Sonos has no intent of discontinuing it anytime soon.


Earlier this week, Sonos sent out an email indicating their intent to cease production of the matte version of their sub. Unfortunately, this created some confusion as Sonos neglected to mention in their email that the gloss would remain in production. Sonos quickly sent out a follow up email later in the week indicating that the gloss would continue to roll off assembly lines.


Sonos expects the current supply of matte subs to last for the next few months. Anyone who may have been setting on the fence about buying the matte version may want to pull the trigger now. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.


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